Growing Up Daddy is a groundbreaking one-man play written and performed by spoken-word phenomena, Kraal “Kayo” Charles. In this semi-autobiographical piece, Kayo uses poetry and hip hop to explore what happens when a rising artist-entrepreneur is suddenly faced with impending fatherhood. With humor and honesty, Kayo conveys the complexities of a man caught between embracing and rejecting his newest and greatest role. He captures the essence of memoir by recounting tales of whimsical women, fair-weather friends, and his strange Caribbean father.

Growing Up Daddy is an honest depiction of what every father endures, when their sense of responsibility challenges their passion.

Written & Performed by:

Kraal “Kayo” Charles

Something About Kraal "Kayo" Charles

Kraal “Kayo” Charles, a Brooklyn native, is a performer, playwright, and producer. He has traveled extensively around the globe to be featured on stage, television, radio, and film. Kayo began his career on New York City’s poetry slam scene, becoming the youngest Grand Slam Champion at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Café in 1998. His success translated to the masses as he was the first poet ever to present to audiences of thousands at the Harlem Book Fair and millions at the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square